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For years, I played for a few months intensively and then lost interest.. This happened again and again over the years. I did almost everything to keep myself motivated and keep playing without any success. I got books and tried to read them, got a nice board to motivate myself. Downloaded pro games...

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Hikaru no go sequel

I don't know how many times I have seen 'Hikaru No Go' animation serie.. Whenever I lost motivation to play go, I started watching and before I know I was hooked back to go and usually ended up watching the whole serie to the end again. Everytime when I got to the end it made me sad that it ended.....

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Check out the new 'go resources' page! if you have any resources to add, I'd appreciate if you comment or contact me.

The Ten Golden Rules

While I was reading Cho HunHyun's Go with the Flow, I came across a set of rules in the book, called "Ten Golden Rules of Go" written by Wang Jixin. Somehow I have never heard of it and wanted to share it with you. Unfortunately there are not much info about Wang Jixin and The Ten Golden Rules are...

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Go with the Flow

As Artem Kachanovskyi won the European Go Championship 2019, I saw a picture of him with his award and a book raised in his hand, given as a prize I'm guessing. A book that somehow slipped pass by me.. It was Cho Hunhyun's "Go with the Flow". I purchased it immediately and started reading.

Cho H...

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